After a loved one has passed away it will be a very stressful time for all concerned but unfortunately it is exactly the time when even with a very simple estate a lot needs to be done.

Whether there is a will or otherwise a grant is usually required to progress matters. This can be complex and time consuming but if a solicitor is consulted at an early stage the burden can be reduced and you are assured that matters will proceed as quickly as possible. Not only should the estate be administered but be looked at as a whole with the beneficiaries and ultimate destination of assets with tax consequences associated with this. Advice at this stage is just as important as the administration process.

With IAN HAIRSINE you are assured of a compassionate understanding service to deal with matters at a delicate time. With over 20 years dealing solely with such matters a quick hassle free service will be provided.

Grant of Probate

If you wish us to obtain the Grant of Probate for you then this will usually cost approximately £500-600 plus VAT (based on 2½-3 hours at our hourly charging rate of £210 plus VAT being that of Ian Hairsine Solicitor with over 30 years experience, he will be the only person dealing with matters. This would include initial meeting and drafting the application for the Grant with submission to the Probate Registry) plus the Probate Application Fee (payable to the Probate Registry, which is usually £273 plus £1.50 per copy, no VAT payable). This is for a straightforward application on an estate where a form IHT400 would not be required and you deal with the administration of the estate yourself. May we suggest to contact us to discuss further and thereafter a fixed fee application may be available, if you wish. From initial taking of instructions to obtaining the Grant of Probate this would usually take 4-6 weeks (assuming all information required is available upon taking instructions).

If the estate is more complex and form IHT400 is required (but no Inheritance Tax to be paid) then to obtain the Grant of Probate the average cost would be approximately £1500-2000 plus VAT (based on 8-10 hours at our hourly charging rate of £210 plus VAT) plus the Probate Application Fee of £273 (no VAT).

If Inheritance Tax is to be paid then our charges will exceed the above, as always based on our hourly charging rate of £210 plus VAT.

Estate Administration

If you wish us to deal with the administration of the estate as well, then this will also be at our hourly charging rate of £210 plus VAT. For guidance only the average cost for obtaining a Grant in a simple estate and dealing fully with the administration of the estate would be approximately in total £2000-£3000 plus VAT (plus the Probate Application Fee of £273 plus £1.50 per copy, no VAT) but every estate is different.

We time record all matters and the file is available to clients at all times for inspection, if you have any questions. You will only be charged for the time we take. Depending on the level of service you request, it may be that additional fees are payable to third parties in the administration of the estate but these will be discussed with you in advance if required. Again may we suggest you contact us to discuss.