Court of Protection / Deputy

A Lasting Power of Attorney is usually the easiest quickest and cheapest way of covering the situation if you or loved ones ever lose mental capacity to deal with your affairs. Hopefully this would never happen but there are no guarantees in life.

If however a person does not have a power of attorney designed to cover this situation then Court of Protection/Deputy is required. This is complex, time consuming but with the right advice this can be minimised and as you will appreciate this could be required at a time when many things need to be done sooner rather than later especially if an unexpected event has occurred.

IAN HAIRSINE has many years experience in dealing with these situations and appreciates that it can be a trying time. He ensures that matters are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whilst the needs of the person suffering the incapacity are the primary concern other matters and persons may need to be considered usually to achieve what the incapacitated person would want to achieve if they were capable.