It is a common assumption that when you die everything automatically goes to your spouse. This is not the case as the law decides who benefits in this situation! This can and often does lead to many unexpected situations and problems for your family and this could not happen at a worse time.

Writing a will does not have to be costly or complex and it will give you peace of mind that your loved ones are protected should anything happen to you and your hard earned assets go to whom you wish when you wish.

You may have seen adverts for will writers but there is no substitute for a professionally prepared will by a solicitor with many years experience and expertise where as a will writer will not be as qualified as a solicitor and may not be insured. Their quoted charges are usually subject to many additional charges such as storage of the will. This would usually be many times the cost of the charge for the will.

With IAN HAIRSINE you are assured of a good old fashioned service tailored to suit your needs with no hidden charges. Free will storage for clients as standard.